[The Brief History]
Abba hotel supply residential service to customers of both business travel and tourism leisure, we are in a position to provide spacious rooms, comfortable and exquisite housing equipments., and high standard health preparedness management, fatherly, we offer Chinese, western and Japanese self-service breakfast free of charge. Having the advantage of being near to airport of Tainan, high-speed railway station of Tainan and freeway interchange road, we still have specially prepared T4 business wide-bodied passenger car for free transport service to airport of Tainan, high-speed railway station of Tainan, Tainan railway station, Tainan Science Park and Luzu Science Park.
For many years, the serving staffers in our hotel are all able to serve you in non-barrier English and Japanese, and their good service attracted many customers from the state to Europe, Japan, and America, as well as Southeast Asia. We always uphold the service philosophy of customer-focused, treat them as friends, and deliver our perfect service to every customer; all staffers of our hotel sincerely welcome your presence, and please let us have the honors to serve you.
[Ex-gratia Service Content For Travelers]
Free shuttle service to Tainan airport, high-speed railway station of Tainan, Tainan railway station, Tainan and Luzhu Science Park.
It takes only 30 minutes from hear to Zhinan science park and 20 minutes to Luzhu science park, it is very convenient and unhindered, sparing the traffic jam and waste of time when passing through urban area.
It takes only two minutes from here to cultural center merchant and TSC shopping mall, you can enjoy shoping, catering, barbecue and seafood, as well as Chinese, Japanese, and western cuisine, life function is very good.
You can use ADSL internet free of charge: domestic and international telephone and fax.
Free transport service to Chi Mei Museum, Sports Park, TSC shopping mall, Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Department Store, Jianan Medicine University. And free shuttle service to Xiaogang airport, Taoyuan international airport and Xinzhu Science Park and other paid transport service for long-distance place.
We can provide the service of guidance visiting to urban and suburban area, and only charged the service expense.
The lodging expense is charged according to bed number, and we offer self-service breakfast’s for long-term logde, we can arrange breakfast content based on individual taste.
We supply individual simple meal, steak, synergy vegetable, and banquet.
Super wild bicycles and golf available to be borrowed free of charge.
Supplying free Uni-president Mineral Water, Ten Ren oolong tea bag in guest room and self-service coffee in dinner-room.
Using VW T4 wide-bodied passenger car for business transport and visiting guidance service.
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ADD.:617, Sec 2, Ta Tung Rd. Tainan R.O.C.
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617, Sec 2, Ta Tung Rd. Tainan R.O.C. TEL:(06)2686911 FAX:(06)2903185

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